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Hiraeth CD

Hiraeth CD

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Lutharo's debut full length album, "Hiraeth" on digipak CD.

Hiraeth grips the sonic curvature with the poise of a high-performance sports car. This album dazzles with sweet ear candy, but also packs substance. - Metal Injection

When you've got the talent, the songs and the intensity, making great heavy metal records soon becomes second nature. Pulling off a triumph like this at the first attempt, on the other hand, is the mark of a band with the right stuff and a very bright future. Bridging the gap between ancient and modern with admirable skill, Lutharo have dropped one of this year's most vital debuts. - Blabbermouth

Track listing:

01. Introspection
02. To Kill or to Crave
03. What Sleeps In Your Mind
04. Phantom
05. Worship Your Path
06. Hopeless Abandonment
07. Valley of the Cursed
08. In Silence We Reign
09. Eclipse
10. Lost in a Soul


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